Fujica cameras

Vintage Fujica cameras

Fuji Photo Film was created in January 1934 as a spin-off from the Dainippon Celluloid Company.  Principally a producer of film, it’s safe to assume that production of cameras was to enable the sales of film (Kodak of course did the same thing).

Fujifilm (as they are now known) still make a variety of films – Fujicolor (colour negative films)  C200,  Superia-X and  Pro 400H, and Fujichrome (slides) Velvia 50, 100 and Provia 100F, although in film terms they are probably best know these days for their range of Instax cameras and films.

They also make skin-care products…

If you are collecting vintage Fujica cameras, there are many to collect.  The SLR range started with the ST701 (see below), followed by the ST801 and ST901, and then the ST705/ST705W – all of these being m42 cameras, and all supplied with superb Fujinon lenses.  Later cameras (AX-series and STX-series) came with bayonet-mount Fujinon lenses.

Fujica ST701

Date: c.1971
Country of origin: Japan
Type: SLR
Meter: 2 x Silicon diode, average weighting, needle visible in viewfinder
Shutter: FP, horizontal cloth
Speeds: B, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 1/15, 1/30, 1/60, /125, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000
Focus: Manual
Modes: Manual
Misc: 1/60 sync speed, FP and X flash contacts, stop-down button on camera front
Lens mount: Interchangeable M42
Standard lens: Fujinon 55mm/g/1.8, – 6 elements in 4 groups.

A very nicely-built camera, that makes a contemporary Pentax look clumsy. The big disadvantage with this camera is the need for a mercury battery, or a hearing-aid equivalent. I use a separate meter, which works fine.

Fujica ST701
Fujica ST701