Foitzik cameras

Vintage Foitzik cameras

Set up by Karl Foitzik, the company bearing his name started by making  simple 6×6 folders.  The company was caught between the higher quality of other German firms and the cheaper cost of comparable Japanese models, although the “Made in Germany” marking generated some sales.  Vintage Foitzik cameras are uncommon.

Foinzik made their own lenses, after initially buying in from other companies.  The lenses are marked with their name ‘Foinar’ and the place of manufacture (Trier).  Coated lenses are marked ‘AR’ (Anti Reflektierend).

In late 1955, Karl Foitzik died in a road accident in Simmern, in bad weather, and the company struggled, being wound up in January 1959.

If you are collecting Foitzik cameras, good luck!  They were never made in large quantities, and the quality wasn’t the best, so there are few around these days.

Foinix 35

Date: c.1955
Country of origin: Germany (West)
Rangefinder: None (viewfinder)
Meter: None
Shutter: Prontor SVS
Speeds: B 1 1/2 1/4 1/8 1/15 1/30 1/60 1/125 1/300
Lens: 3-element, Foinar 1:2.8 45mm.
Stops: 3.5 4 5.6 8 11 16
Quite a nice camera to handle, let down only by the poor-quality chrome plating.  I’ve not used this one yet, but the smooth action of the lens and the Prontor shutter bode well.

Vintage Foitzik Cameras - Foinix 35
Foinik Foinix 35 Camera

There was a slightly different version with a more substantial wind lever.

Vintage Foitzik Cameras - Alternate Foinix Winder
Alternate Foinix Winder